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Buymie is a unique online grocery shopping service in Dublin. Today, Buymie is proud to present you the new way of grocery shopping for Branded and German discount products. All you need to do is to choose your favourite products and time of delivery on in our app.

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05 05-2016
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Buymie and any Personal Shopper providing Services to you are not a partner, agent, affiliate or otherwise associated with the stores that items are purchased in, unless otherwise stated. Buymie and any Personal Shopper provide their Services independently of any store products are purchased in.

All statements and descriptions of products on the Buymie website are made by and are the responsibility of Buymie, and not Branded or German Discount Stores.

Branded and German Discount Stores do not accept any responsibility for any statements or descriptions of products made on the Buymie website, for any Services provided by Buymie or any Personal Shopper or any defects or damage to products caused by such Services, to the maximum extent provided by law.

Buymie sets prices displayed on its website individually and independently of German Discount Stores and those prices may be higher than those payable for the same products if they are purchased in store.